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Niwot Networks......Providing file transfer and file management software since 1992.

Niwot Networks was founded in 1988 to provide high speed communication boards and drivers for PC-based routers. Niwot's customer's soon asked for higher performance cross-country file transfer than they could get from running conventional file transfer software over routers. Niwot's answer was a family of Direct File Transfer products for Windows and Macintosh. These products included Niwot's hardware as well as Niwot's Direct File Transfer Software.

To take advantage of the growing Internet, the file transfer software in 1996 became Gigabyte Express for Macintosh and then Gigabyte Express for Windows.

The You've Got Files! product was created in 2001 in response to our customer's request for a file arrival notification tool that would continue Niwot's tradition of reliable automated performance.

The Gigabyte Express product has continued to evolve to meet the needs of our customers in the printing and offshore data entry industries. These customers are retained by Niwot's dedication to excellent customer service and to providing the fastest, most reliable, and most automated file transfer available.

Niwot brings over 40 years of expertise to meeting our customer's file transfer and file management needs.


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