Niwot Networks Innovative File Transfer and File Management
Innovative File Transfer and Management

Gigabyte Express™ DSL/HOME for Windows

♦ Gigabyte Express DSL, for Domestic file transfer. Includes encryption for HIPAA compliance.
The 2 new features in Gigabyte Express DSL that our customers enjoy most are:

Autoget..because they don't need to open the firewall protecting the machine running Autoget and Autosend...they can fire up their customer's machine running a script that contains some lines with GET and the other lines doing sends and achieve bi-directional file transfer for the customer without messing with the customer's firewall.

16 sessions and 32 sessions, any mixture of Dials and Answers. This is useful when the customer has a 10 megabit or T3 connection to the Internet and can handle lots of simultaneous connections with their customers with DSL, cable, or T1 connections to the Internet. (Please Contact Us if you'd like a serial/validation to evaluate 16 and 32 sessions.)

♦ Gigabyte Express HOME, for Domestic file transfer. Includes encryption for HIPAA compliance. Limited to 1 Answer session and 1 Dial session, no automated operations supported.

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